Bank Of America Locations Near Me – Check This Out..

Bank Of America Locations Near Me – Check This Out..

The creation of bank cards has brought a revolution in the payment system. The standard means of purchasing things with money is done away with and what can be more convenient than buying items on credit and repaying the amount after a month from the day you may have bought the piece?

Charge cards have made shopping simple and convenient. And with the number Internet users gradually increasing, the way forward for online shopping is bright. It is not an exaggeration to express that internet shopping is experiencing a boom. In such market condition, the use of credit and debit card is going to increase manifold. Buying items and services online saves time and effort. Rather than standing in a long queue, you can book your tickets or buy things with just a few clicks your mouse.

One of the market leaders of charge card issuers is Bank Of America Locations. Actually, Bank of America is definitely the largest issuer of credit cards in the US. It has surpassed its nearest rival J.P. Morgan Chase because the largest bank card issuer after its merger using one of the leading credit card issuers – MBNA.

With this particular merger, Bank of America Card Services organization has greater than 40 million active U.S. accounts. It is actually worthwhile to adopt note that Bank of America is also the largest issuer of atm cards.

Bank of America charge cards are one of the most flexible credit cards available in the market. Its credits cards are designed to suit extensive credit situations and special needs of students and big businessmen.

One of the most interesting features of Bank of America credit cards is its low Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Though a few of the Bank of America bank cards have introductory APR, they are quite low, that is usually 1.9% for a time period of usually half a year. It’s quite a good price if your regular APR is fixed at 6.99% even though there is an introductory APR of 1.00% for a time period of 6 months. The majority of charge cards issued by Visa and MasterCard have higher regular APRs.

As an example, Mexicana® Airlines Visa® Platinum features a regular APR which can be 6.99% as well as an introductory APR which is fixed at 1.9%. Though it carries a yearly fee of $45, its benefits are immense. After your first purchase, you obtain 1 free companion ticket coupon. Thereafter, you will get a $99 companion ticket coupon annually. You can also earn 1 Frecuenta Mile for each dollar spent and two Frecuenta Miles for each and every dollar spent with Mexicana Airlines. Every year you may receive 2,000 anniversary mile and 4,000 Welcome Miles after you have joined the Frecuenta Program. These miles can be redeemed on Mexicana or on any of its 15 partner airlines.

On the flip side, most of the Bank of America bank cards carry a yearly fee. Like any other credit cards, Bank of America credit cards have reward cards, bank cards for students, corporate etc. Its cards are also designed to serve the numerous needs of their diverse range of clients. It has reward programs created for air travelers and frequent shoppers. In additions a few of its bank cards has additional benefits and perks.

Though Bank of America is definitely the largest issuer of credit and debit cards, it lacks its own electronic payment processing network. It pays fees to card issuers Visa and MasterCard to process charges made with cards from Bank Of America Complaints. After MBNA merged with Bank of America, it really is considering acquiring their own electronic payment processing network. If this succeeds in doing so, it is going to no doubt akzgrb as a serious competitor to market leaders Visa and MasterCard.

Using the merger of MBNA, Bank of America credit cards also have acquired a whole new dimension. MBNA was the pioneer in issuing specialty credit cards to universities, colleges, and business. It will definitely the break the market monopoly of Visa and MasterCard.